Travel Tip for Canadians with no Zip Codes using credit cards and driving in the USA

If you are driving in the USA and try to prepay for gas at the pump, after giving your credit card and PIN, many machines next ask for your Zip Code. Since Canadians do not have Zip Codes, this presents a problem. I had thought the only solution was to go inside to the cashier and get pre-authorized for a guestimate amount. Usually, if you guess too high, the credit card will only charge for the gas used, but on at least one occasion, I had to return inside and have the excess returned to me in cash.

There is a solution and I owe a big thank you to the lovely cashier at the Chevron gas station just outside of Las Vegas. She said to type in the numbers in your postal code and add 0’s at the end to arrive at 5 numbers. My Toronto postal code is M8V 4B2, so I type in 84200 as my Zip Code. This works both inside and at the pump. Give it a try and save yourself a trip into the service station.

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